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As more business is being conducted across the globe, the demand for an international payment system has increased.

Freelancers, outsourced talent, and international product sales through websites have driven the desire for a simple payment option that works across currencies and tax system

Performance Consultants

High Performance  Specialists

Entrepreneurs know that the requirement to maintain accurate and complete financial records and to understand the resultant financial position is critical to achieving their goals
Increased Performance

We will help you with all your consulting needs.

Business Consulting
Business Consulting +
At Goldenberg Group our entrepreneurial business services are focused on privately-held and owner managed companies wanting cost-effective, innovative and flexible solutions for all of their financial needs. Known for our personal attention and exceptional customer service, our value proposition rests in our ability to provide clients with a customized approach for their unique needs whether it's tailored tax planning, accounting or actionable advice.
Recognizing that an entrepreneur's objectives are as diverse as their business, we match entrepreneurial business clients with a team of professionals who will guide you through every stage of your growth. Our partner-lead, team-based approach ensures that projects are managed with competency and efficiency. Recognizing the value of personal relationships.
Financial Statement Preparation
Tax Planning and Compliance
Budget Development and Analysis

Your consulting needs met in on place. 

  1. Business Consulting
    Our comprehensive advisory and data solution services help organizations in a wide range of industries identify and monitor key performance indicators, uncover new opportunities, increase profits and enhance their business. Our strategies incorporate proven methodologies and years of relevant experience.
  2. Business Consulting
    Organizations and companies today create and store vast amounts of data, that often is underutilized. We can help turn that data into insight that will assist you to make more informed and strategic decisions, which in turn can increase shareholder value.
  3. Business Consulting
    As your financing intermediaries — having initiated, consulted on, negotiated, structured and presided over billions of dollars’ worth of corporate buy- and sell-side transactions, acquisitions and divestitures, takeovers and management buyouts — our goal, always, is to help you take your business dealings further, faster, whatever stage you’re at in the transaction life cycle.
  4. Business Consulting
    What truly excites us: building, unlocking and elevating stakeholder value, empowering you and your shareholders to meet and, if possible, exceed even your most ambitious ROI objectives, propelling your business onward to the next level, the next successful initiative.
Meet The Team
  1. Isaac Silverman
    Isaac has over 7 years of experience in sales taxes, particularly GST / HST. This includes tax planning and implementation of tax recovery models for large corporations and non-profit organizations. He previously worked for a “Big Four” accounting firm in New Zealand, Australia
  2. Steve Miller
    Steve received his Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Windsor in 1999. After articling with KPMG, he obtained his CA designation in 2004. He has also completed the CICA In-Depth Tax Course.
  3. Jason Parker
    Jason received his Bachelors of Commerce degree from the University of Windsor in 2009. After completion of his degree he joined the Collins Barrow Leamington team. He successfully obtained his CPA, CA designation in 2012.
  1. Let Us Do The Work For You
    Independent, responsive and trusted, we are the true national alternative
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How advisory and data solutions can help your organization
*Interpret your data to provide strategic business insight
*Tailor the monitoring and reporting of key performance indicators
*Create cost efficiencies in key business processes (ordering, shipping, manufacturing etc.)
*Visualize trends to help predict future outcomes
*Improve the reliability of cash flow forecasts and budgets
*Enhance shareholder value

A well-structured data environment will allow you to successfully guide your organization in the direction you want.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message.